Insignia Jewels started from the idea that jewelry and personalization should be creative, conceptual, imaginative and expressive.

Forget about a simple engraving on a charm bracelet or a birthstone in a necklace, every jewelry piece has to tell a story. Insignia Jewels designs and makes creative jewelry from concept to inspired reality.

Jewelry should have no restriction, it’s an extension of your personality, so it should become a treasured part of you. The Starlight, Insignia, Diva and The Galaxy collections are our way to illustrate that wearable jewelry pieces can still be vibrant and individualized by offering unique and customizable options.

For the ultimate way to personalize, we collaborate with our customers through a bespoke service and begin a journey together to tell a story with their jewelry piece.
We thoroughly check the quality of our accessories and ensure consumer satisfaction. Every single piece of our unique jewellery looks great and feels great, but most and foremost, it is also affordable.

Our pieces are beautifully created by master artisans, and they are luxurious and practical enough to be worn every day. For Insignia, jewelry expresses love, relationships, families, and moments that deserve to be marked. Our jewelry is designed to stand the test of time.

Our Ethical and Environmental Practices

Ethics is a very important value to have and one area with our attention is the treatment of people that mine these gorgeous gems from Mother Nature which is why all our gemstones are ethically sourced from trusted and approved sources. All of our gems are from trusted merchants to ensure only ethical stones are used in the collections. Insignia Jewels values ethical 3rd world development and its impact on global resources.

Even small choices are carefully considered, ensuring that they are responsible and not harmful to the environment.

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By Maksim, the CEO at Insignia.